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       Dear Readers,
       Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on here in a while, it's because I don't write fan fiction anymore, I now write what I want to which I want to publish into a book, so I can't exactly post any samples in here ^ ^; Please forgive me for my absence, you can kill me because I was too lazy to tell you all sooner. In other words, I'm not going to be on DeviantArt anymore on this account, but you may watch my other account, PsychoticInk, for drawings since I just got a tablet for Christmas hella and other art that isn't digital.
       [Sweats] I'm still going to keep this account for your love and messages, so talk to me anytime, I don't bite! (◕‿◕✿)
       Anyways, that means Ezio x Reader is officially discontinued, so I might as well explain the ending.
       Don't kill me, but the reader dies. She gets killed by a bullet strai
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Mature content
Ezio x Soldier!Reader-That Makes The Two Of Us (5) :iconbeware-of-cat:Beware-Of-Cat 13 2
Corpse Party: Suicide Silence (2): Cat

It's been two hours since I've seen Dan. I'm kind of worried about him; is he hurt? Is he in trouble? Is he getting chased? I feel like I'm a mother duck watching over my duckling, but Dan is the only friend I can contact from this closed space compared to the other closed spaces. Without him, I'd be lonely for a rather long time...too long...
        "Dan?" I called out as I carefully walked along the wood of the rotten hallway, planks creaking under my weight. 'Where has he been off to?' I asked myself as I continued to stroll. "Dan?!" I shouted a bit louder for him to hear me better- if he's close that is. "Dan-" I stopped in my tracks as a spirit of a lonely girl in a red dress stared at me. Due to my shyness around new people, I avoided eye contact with her, but I did get a glimpse of her turning around a corner and disappearing completely when I tried to trace her tracks. "...I must be hallucinating, I usu
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Corpse Party: Suicide Silence (1): Dan

Everything was fine for the first few hours of having to be trapped in Heavenly Host Elementary, staying by Cat’s side, cracking jokes to calm each other down, and solving puzzles together. How the hell did it end up like this? It seemed to all go wrong when we first witnessed a spirit taking the form of a young girl in the Infirmary devouring a fresh corpse of a boy whose appearance matched the unclaimed student ID photo of a second year high schooler named Ollie Roosevelt. Blood and gore were splattered all over the place including the walls and furniture as the sounds of the chewing that seemed to belong to an animal instead of a human echoed throughout the room.
       Cat quickly pulled me away from the scene that was now a picture that would remain in my head for as long as I live and swiftly, yet quietly shut the door that stood in front of us. “Ughh,” an exhausted and disgusted sigh escaped her lips as sh
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Ezio x Soldier!Reader-That Makes The Two Of Us (4)
   "I'm not involved in this." Ezio said as he walked away.
       "Oh no you don't!" Antonio gripped on Ezio's cape and tugged him back, "You're the one who killed Kaitlyn Benedict, one of the most sinister Templars who knew every square inch of the church like the back of her hand."
       "Isn't the location enough?" You asked.
       "You would need someone to guide you through the church in order to find one of Girolamo Savonarola's lieutenants and assassinate him." Antonio said.
       "Ezio could've just stealthily scaled the church instead of having assistance of a Templar," you said, "having one by our side might reveal our identity."
       "You know you could've just told us instead of going through all of this." Antonio sighed.
       "I apologize." You said sincerely as you walked up to the guest's room. As you got up, you threw yourself on the
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Ezio x Soldier!Reader-That Makes The Two Of Us (3)
You woke up with a huge migraine as you arose from a small bed, 'This must be the guest's room..' You thought. You snapped out of attention when you heard someone call out your name.
    "Miss [Name]?" It was Ugo standing by the bedside, he seemed a bit worried.
    "Hm?" You sat up and rubbed your eyes, pain then arose from your shoulder as you shifted a bit as you hissed in pain.
    "You could've asked me to help you get back."
    "I didn't want to be a burden."
    "You're never a burden, Miss [Name]." Ugo reassured you as you studied your shoulder; it was nicely bandaged and the wound stopped bleeding.
    "Ah, Miss [Name]! You're awake!" Antonio said as he entered the room.
    "Hello." You were relived no one changed your clothes knowing that the only other woman was Rosa...
    "Are you feeling alright?"
    "Yes I'm fine, thank you." 
    "You're really
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Ezio x Soldier!Reader-That Makes The Two Of Us (2)
You ran as fast you could to avoid him, but you couldn't beat his skill and speed of leaping off wooden planks one by one. You soon became a little anxious from getting away and ran the fastest you could in your whole entire life. You got the idea of losing him by going in various directions, and leaping in an open window when you had the chance. Due to your apparent luck, there was many directions to choose from and you easily got him to lose track of you within a few minutes. As he was trying to gain sight of you, you found a nearby open window and quickly slide through it, your skinny figure fitting perfectly through it. You tumbled onto the oak wood floor and hid in the shadows, witnessing the grunts of Ezio making his way past you without noticing.
     "Phew.." A quiet sigh swept passed your lips as you waited for the perfect signal to dash. Pushing up the frame a bit, you looked around. 'No sign of him anywhere...' You thought. We
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Ezio x Soldier!Reader-That Makes The Two Of Us (1)
Note: This is part 1 out of all the other parts I'm going to put up.

The outfit you're pretty much going to wear the whole time is red and blue, not camouflage,black combat boots, and no armor (your uniform is not baggy also it's kind of fancyish). It pretty much takes place in Assassin's Creed 2 :I.

People were rushing around and prepping stuff up, Ezio wondered why. So he went to Leonardo (that was so far to travel, he had to steal tons of horses and kill off too many guards to count to get there) and ask because he pretty much knew no one in Florence. 
    "Oh! You didn't know Rome's military is visiting here?" Leonardo asked.
"I never knew we even had a military in Rome."
"Well, they're coming back from the Parthian Empire; they had a war there you didn't know?"
"No, I guess I never paid attention.."
"Well, since you're strong, could you help me carry some things to organize a bit?"
You are (Full Name) and you are th
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.:Ezio x Reader:. Sneaky
It was a nice day in Monteriggioni, Italy as you jumped from place to place on the roofs; you weren't sure what to do today really, all you ever do is assassinate certain people and blend in with crowds. You are anonymous. Well, you were until one day you spotted a man in white and red. You couldn't really make out his face, but he was fighting some guards along an ally. Idiots. If you were them who saw the man in white assassinate the person next to you, you would've said, "Forget this, I'm out."
You crouched on a wooden plank and watched the man slice a guards throat and pounce on the other. It's like something you would do if you-
"Get off that building or die!" A guard said bringing out his sword, running towards you. You pulled out your blade and quickly slashed his throat without saying a word. You turned to the direction the man was and saw him staring at you.
'Oh shit!' You thought as you ran the opposite direction from him.
You huffed when you arrived at y
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