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       Dear Readers,

       Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on here in a while, it's because I don't write fan fiction anymore, I now write what I want to which I want to publish into a book, so I can't exactly post any samples in here ^ ^; Please forgive me for my absence, you can kill me because I was too lazy to tell you all sooner. In other words, I'm not going to be on DeviantArt anymore on this account, but you may watch my other account, PsychoticInk, for drawings since I just got a tablet for Christmas hella and other art that isn't digital.
       [Sweats] I'm still going to keep this account for your love and messages, so talk to me anytime, I don't bite! (◕‿◕✿)
       Anyways, that means Ezio x Reader is officially discontinued, so I might as well explain the ending.
       Don't kill me, but the reader dies. She gets killed by a bullet straight in the head and there is a funeral about her with all the soldiers crying and everything. After she dies, it then goes to Ezio's point of view and it explains who she got killed by and how he loved her presence around him, in which means that he loved her. During the funeral, Ezio finds a white rose in a bush of other red roses and puts the white rose between her fingers in her coffin before she's buried.
       Don't question on why I gave the reader a bad ending, I give like, all of my characters a bad ending because it's a rule. I hope you enjoyed the story and thank you all for waiting three months just for this. I shall take my leave now, bye bye!

       With Love,

       PS, Here's what I wrote as a draft for Part 6 before I stopped...

Blood continued to seep through your wounds as you heard another gag from your mother. Lifting up your head with all the strength you had left from your paralysis of pain, the scene of  your guardian's, long, black hair being pulled from the grimy fingers of a Templar burned in your eyes. Slowly, your vision started to get blurry and shaky due to blood loss while you were pressed against the ground, helpless. The view of seeing your mother in agony made the Templar smirk, not a hint of sympathy appeared in his eyes. Only the impurity of the psychopathy in his soul.
       With the opposite hand the knight used to pull on the elder woman's hair, he drew out his sword. The sword was bigger than you thought it originally was; mostly likely due to the fact it was your first time seeing one. It wasn't as clean either, some of the shine that once shone was dulled in splatters of dirt and a reddish-brown substance that was once a liquid, most likely blood from other innocent people they also killed. He then raised the length of the sword to the side of her neck, adding pressure to draw more blood for his enjoyment as his lips curled into a soft grin. "I hope your husband regrets what he's done."

"Armour designs are going to be easier than I thought!" Leonardo said as he placed the measuring tape back in the cabinet, "Probably because you have a tiny waist and broader shoulders."
       "I'll take that as a compliment." You remarked, assuring yourself to hide the slight shakiness in your voice. You didn't know why you were nervous all of the sudden, probably because this was your first time on a task with Ezio. 'How cliché.' You thought. You also couldn't help but feel ridiculous; a general falling for an assassin, not exactly your average love story, but still. You heard rumors from collegues even including his sister, Claudia, that he's slept with a numerous amount of woman, in which didn't really suprise you due to the countless attempts of him trying to flirt with you.
       "Very well then," the voice dripping with a familiar Italian accent spoke, "how long do you suppose it will take?"
       "Due to comissions, the armour will be done by next week." Leonardo calculated as he focused on the sketching of the armour design and writing the measurements along the margin of the paper.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH-!" Your mother's scream blared in your ears as her head was slowly being decapitated. It sounded like an unpleasant symthpay with the sound of the blade cutting through the skin along with blood gushing from her neck and a sickening crack as the blade reached bone. With the keenness of the sword, the bone that held your mother's neck in place was cut right through and stopped as what sounded like a fish being gutted rang in your ears when the windpipe was cut from her throat, losing all oxygen to her brain, in which caused her to die instantly.
       You watched your mother die in complete terror as Marco
I'm going to miss you all, but please continue to send support and love! 

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Your parents were fighting again. This time, it was worse than the previous arguments since there was more sounds of glass shattering being heard from, objects being thrown around, yelling and shouting booming through the walls, and utter cries along with hands making abusive contact with skin.

        It's been happening for the last couple days since the first time you caught them fighting, except it was more frequent since the first time. It would average to about three to four times a day, you weren't sure why they were so angry that they would cause a ruckus three or four times in twenty-four hours and why they would take it out on each other. You've asked Laura about it constantly, but she would always brush you off or change the topic, sometimes when your parents are in an argument, she'd put her hands over your ears or even take you out of the house.

        "Hey, Laura?" You asked as you pulled her hands away from your ears by the time you both departed from your home.

        "Hm?" She said as she removed your hands from your ears and placed them on your shoulders. Due to her height towering over yours, she looked down at you with her brown eyes locking into your [Eye Color] ones. 

        "Why does Mom and Dad fight a lot?" Question filled into your eyes as they gazed back at her like a mirror.

        Laura sighed. "How many times are you going to ask that?"

        "Until I get an answer." You said as you kept eye contact with her.

        "...I hope you know that Mother and Father love each other very much." Laura stated briefly.

        "Of course I know that!" You exclaimed.

        "You might not think the same when I tell you the truth..." Laura lowered her voice as sorrow laminated her vocals, "Father's in huge debt due to betting a rather large amount of florins when he was playing Poker a few weeks back." she paused for a bit until she continued, "A few hours later, he became drunk and did undoubtedly bad things-"

        "What kind of bad things?" You asked innocently.

        Laura's lips formed into a flatter line of dismay. "Very bad can make many terrible mistakes as Father when you're in a drunken state."

        "But why are they fighting?" You questioned once again as you cocked your head a bit to the side like a cat.

        She slightly shuttered by hearing those words. "The Templars did him a favor and kept him from being executed due to his lethal...and sexual actions," she hesitated before finishing her sentence, "but he'd have to pay a certain amount of florins within a week or else our family will be executed." she then added one more thing that sent you casting down into an abyss of despair, "He only has three days to pay full debt..."         

The morning and afternoon seemed to go by pretty slow; it was misty for a few hours until the sun eventually started to rise while you were washing your clothes and made a few repairs to your pistol. You've seen Ezio pass by a few times, but he hasn't informed you on proceeding onto the mission yet, which made you serve no purpose in worrying, but for some odd reason, you were. You had a feeling you lacked allies by your side if anything went wrong, so you spent the last few hours drawing the troops together. 

        "Gentlemen!" you proclaimed, "I've gathered you all here for a specific reason!" you ambled between the two lines of soldiers as you tightened your black, leather gloves, "After we recently went to war with the Parthian Empire, I'm expecting all of you to comprehend something as simple as this."

        "Ma'am, yes, Ma'am!" Your men answered by shouting as they were originally ordered to.

        "Also," your tone softened as you stopped in your tracks, "please be careful, we've already lost plenty of our men." 

        "Ma'am, yes, Ma'am!" Placing their right arm behind their back, they saluted you with their left hand. You cared for your men as if they were your children; you rarely yelled at them roughly like usual military captains would do and always had all ears on the cadets when they needed to be heard. You were almost like a mother to them, a counselor even. Some of your cadets had depression or been traumatized in their past life from a member of their family's death, so you'd always talk to them or give them comfort about once a week (though you thought that wasn't enough for them). Of course, it was a lot of work to take care of, but you managed to make room in your agenda for weekly sessions. You did this because you knew how it felt like to lose someone so important to you.  

        "Alright then," you said, "you can now eat lunch, you may prepare yourselves afterwards." The soldiers then quietly took place elsewhere from their lines and chose what they desired from a rather large variety of food cooked by Claudia, the third eldest of the Auditore family. "I'd like to thank you, Claudia for sacrificing your time to cook lunch for my men."

        "No need to thank me," she insisted, "it's my pleasure to help feed empty stomachs for those who survived the lethal war with the Parthian Empire." It was silent for a while between you two as you both watched the cadets eating their food and enjoying themselves with their friends, it was something rare for you to witness since they occupied most of their time in combat training or at war. For the first time in a very long time, you slightly smiled to the sight of your men finally being happy like they once where when they arrived back at home in Rome, Italy. 

        "What's with all these men eating in the garden?" Ezio inquired, in which surprised you a bit with him speaking so suddenly without making an entrance, probably a instinctive habit he has from being an assassin. 

        "These men are Miss [Name]'s soldiers," Claudia explained, "they're for backup on your mission." 

        "You never told me this." Ezio's voice dropped a few tones deeper as his brown orbs looked at you with an unnerving gaze.

        "They don't have to come," you said, "either way is fine with me." You stood tall and strong, but due to Ezio's height, he still towered over you. 

        "It doesn't matter," Ezio spoke, "as long as they don't get in the way or tamper with the mission." He then sauntered away in the villa to prepare without hesitation nor urge on stopping as you followed along with him, doing the same. 

"Shut up!" Your mother yelled in aggravation, "Just shut up!" 

        "What's the point of this argument?!" Your father retaliated, "We're all going to die without a doubt, can we at least be more kind to each other and spend more time with our children?!"

        "Riccardo, please," Your mother's tone softened, as if becoming vulnerable, "not in front of them."

        "What does it matter anymore?!" he erupted in irritation, "We can't keep this secret anymore, we need to apprise them!"

        "That it's your fault!" 

        "You knew I've been drinking heavily, but you've never done anything about it!" Your father's remark kept her mouth shut.

        "What's going on?" Marco asked in a perplexed manner. 

        Your mother glared at your father, "It's nothing to be worried about, Marco," she reassured, "your father's just going through some pretty heavy things."

        "Lies!" your father loudly shouted, "It's going to be more than 'pretty heavy things' when the Templars arrive!" You immediately knew what he was talking about. Your sister was right, your family was going to die.

        "Riccardo-" Your mother's yelling was interrupted by the sound of the front door bursting open.

        "There they are!" A tall man dressed in a familiar attire of full suits of chainmail, covered in a white tabard with a red steel helm covering concealing his identity and a large, bold, red cross openly located across his chest called out, "Bind their hands and feet together!" In panic, you tried to flee out of the house as you quickly dismounting your chair, but before you could take a full step away from the chair, a Templar briskly grabbed the back of the collar of your shirt and maliciously threw you to the floor towards three other Templars who attempted to restrain you from freedom of moving away. 

        "Laura-!" Before you could say another word, one of the three Templars that gathered around you gagged you by tying a red cloth around your mouth, muffling your cries and screams. You glanced at your surroundings as you gazed at the sight of your family being harshly beaten and vanquished.

        "The children!" your mother bawled out, nearly in tears, "Please free the children!" 

        "Children or not, they'll be disciplined no matter what!" The taller Templar shouted as he started to gag her from her screaming and binding her wrists and ankles together from her thrashing for escape. Your older brother, Marco, was slammed face first against the floor as his fragile skin collided with the cold, solid wood, bruising his right cheek with a purple mark, accompanied by a few hints of yellow and red along with the purple.

        Taking your attention off Marco for a short period of time, your eyes slightly widened as your father rashly shoved a Templar onto the floor and promptly took the nearest object within arm's length in which was a chair, using all of his strength in striking the Templar with a chair. Only a few hits were made, but you could hear the sound of painful cries and bones cracking echo through the room, an utterance that will never vacate your memory. Almost immediately, the taller Templar impacted your father against the wall and rested a keen blade across his neck.

        "Harm anymore knights and you'll be the first to have your throat slit." He spat as he pressed the blade deeper into your father's neck, deep enough to draw more than a few drops of blood. The room went completely silent for a few seconds, though it seemed like hours, while the Templar finally lowered his blade off your father's neck. Even though he let out a slight sigh of relief, he was terrified deep down inside the void of his heart. 

        "This is going to be fun." Another Templar said as he lightly smirked while pinning Marco to the ground. "What should we do with these brats?" He asked.

        "Let them watch," the tallest man answered, "it's more fun that way." The Templar near Marco smirked wider, malice cascading in his dull, glassy eyes; the only hint of life that's left in him. Walking over to your mother, the taller man harshly kicked her to the ground showing no empathy and lethally punted her stomach with the head of his foot. As his foot made contact with her stomach, she gagged, blood seeping through the cloth tied around her mouth.

"Where are we going again?" You inquired as both you and Ezio strolled through the village of Tuscany.

        "We're meeting with a friend of mine who could equip you with body armor and protection," Ezio spoke,  "along with a possible upgrade for your pistol."

        "I kind of need a few adjustments anyway," you stated as you felt your revolver, "it can get a bit stubborn to handle at times." You could feel Ezio smirk as he turned the knob of a door that seemed divergent compared to the other doors.

        "Ah! You must be [Last Name]!" Leonardo greeted in his usual optimistic tone as he shook your hand, "If I could recall, you're Italy's military captain?"

        "Yes." You clarified while your hand extended back to your side as soon as Leonardo's hand withdrew from yours.

        "Amazing! I've always wanted to be a weapons engineer for the military's combat equipment!" He practically awed as he intertwined his hands together.

        "Really?" You asked, a bit intrigued by his comment.

        "It's been a dream I've had since I was seven!" 

        You slightly smiled, "I'm glad to hear that---" you remarked, "what did you have in mind on equipping me?" 

        "Would you mind if I could take a few measurements to see whatever fits you?" Leonardo asked as he acquired measuring tape from a nearby drawer.

        Your muscles tensed up a bit; were you really sure you didn't mind a stranger that you've met only a minute ago touch you in undetermined places? He is a friend of Ezio's nonetheless and he (Ezio) is sitting on a stool a few feet away from you. It's only for measurements after all.

In panic, you let out a thunderous cry as you aggressively struggled through the bindings, though they were far too tight to loosen up the slightest. "Shut up, brat!" A Templar with a whip roared as he belligerently lashed your back brutal enough to tear through the threads of your shirt and strike the bare skin of your back. You winced in pain as you jolted upward in sudden shock while you felt a burning sensation within your spine along with a few streaks of blood traveling down the small of your back. 

        The tallest Templar nearest to your mother then gripped his hand around the midnight silk of her hair and forcefully yanked upward to crane her to face him. "I'm going to kill you along with this shitty family while your husband is going to lay there helpless and watch."

This was supposed to be the last part, whoops, there's only a few parts left until the story is finally completed, stay tuned!

Ezio x Soldier!Reader-That Makes The Two Of Us (5)
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