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       Dear Readers,

       Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on here in a while, it's because I don't write fan fiction anymore, I now write what I want to which I want to publish into a book, so I can't exactly post any samples in here ^ ^; Please forgive me for my absence, you can kill me because I was too lazy to tell you all sooner. In other words, I'm not going to be on DeviantArt anymore on this account, but you may watch my other account, PsychoticInk, for drawings since I just got a tablet for Christmas hella and other art that isn't digital.
       [Sweats] I'm still going to keep this account for your love and messages, so talk to me anytime, I don't bite! (◕‿◕✿)
       Anyways, that means Ezio x Reader is officially discontinued, so I might as well explain the ending.
       Don't kill me, but the reader dies. She gets killed by a bullet straight in the head and there is a funeral about her with all the soldiers crying and everything. After she dies, it then goes to Ezio's point of view and it explains who she got killed by and how he loved her presence around him, in which means that he loved her. During the funeral, Ezio finds a white rose in a bush of other red roses and puts the white rose between her fingers in her coffin before she's buried.
       Don't question on why I gave the reader a bad ending, I give like, all of my characters a bad ending because it's a rule. I hope you enjoyed the story and thank you all for waiting three months just for this. I shall take my leave now, bye bye!

       With Love,

       PS, Here's what I wrote as a draft for Part 6 before I stopped...

Blood continued to seep through your wounds as you heard another gag from your mother. Lifting up your head with all the strength you had left from your paralysis of pain, the scene of  your guardian's, long, black hair being pulled from the grimy fingers of a Templar burned in your eyes. Slowly, your vision started to get blurry and shaky due to blood loss while you were pressed against the ground, helpless. The view of seeing your mother in agony made the Templar smirk, not a hint of sympathy appeared in his eyes. Only the impurity of the psychopathy in his soul.
       With the opposite hand the knight used to pull on the elder woman's hair, he drew out his sword. The sword was bigger than you thought it originally was; mostly likely due to the fact it was your first time seeing one. It wasn't as clean either, some of the shine that once shone was dulled in splatters of dirt and a reddish-brown substance that was once a liquid, most likely blood from other innocent people they also killed. He then raised the length of the sword to the side of her neck, adding pressure to draw more blood for his enjoyment as his lips curled into a soft grin. "I hope your husband regrets what he's done."

"Armour designs are going to be easier than I thought!" Leonardo said as he placed the measuring tape back in the cabinet, "Probably because you have a tiny waist and broader shoulders."
       "I'll take that as a compliment." You remarked, assuring yourself to hide the slight shakiness in your voice. You didn't know why you were nervous all of the sudden, probably because this was your first time on a task with Ezio. 'How cliché.' You thought. You also couldn't help but feel ridiculous; a general falling for an assassin, not exactly your average love story, but still. You heard rumors from collegues even including his sister, Claudia, that he's slept with a numerous amount of woman, in which didn't really suprise you due to the countless attempts of him trying to flirt with you.
       "Very well then," the voice dripping with a familiar Italian accent spoke, "how long do you suppose it will take?"
       "Due to comissions, the armour will be done by next week." Leonardo calculated as he focused on the sketching of the armour design and writing the measurements along the margin of the paper.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH-!" Your mother's scream blared in your ears as her head was slowly being decapitated. It sounded like an unpleasant symthpay with the sound of the blade cutting through the skin along with blood gushing from her neck and a sickening crack as the blade reached bone. With the keenness of the sword, the bone that held your mother's neck in place was cut right through and stopped as what sounded like a fish being gutted rang in your ears when the windpipe was cut from her throat, losing all oxygen to her brain, in which caused her to die instantly.
       You watched your mother die in complete terror as Marco
I'm going to miss you all, but please continue to send support and love! 


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